Massage For Total Wellbeing


A trip to Sharon in her beautifully designed massage studio and you begin to relax the moment you arrive. Her extensive knowledge and experience is put to use whether you go with a pain, discomfort and just the need to switch off. Everyone should treat themselves to a Massage by Sharon and if you are too busy to go, buy a gift voucher for someone you love.


The walk down Sharon's garden path towards her massage studio started as a pregnancy aches necessity. As a mummy to two small people I now treat myself to monthly massages just because. Sharon's manner and massages are relaxing, healing and unobtrusive. You feel more able to face the day smiling when you leave her than when you arrived.


Thanks for providing such wonderful and much needed massage during and after both my pregnancies.


The most relaxing pregnancy massage I have ever had. So much so that my last pregnancy massage turned out to be on the morning of the day I went into labour. My labour was quick and without complications - perhaps due to my amazingly relaxing massage!